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ColorStream 6700

ColorStream 6700

The new Océ ColorStream 6000 series is Océ’s latest offering to make the future of inkjet printing even more colorful. The Océ ColorStream 6000 has the reliability and the flexibility of the Océ ColorStream 3000, the compact layout of the ColorStream 3000Z and in addition the outstanding new features of the package.

The Océ ColorStream 6000 Series offers high speed, high quality full color inkjet printers with a speed of 157 or 417 feet per minute for 344 up to 1818 letter images per minute. Through its unique combination of productivity, efficiency and quality this color inkjet printer simplifies and accelerates the transition from monochrome to full-color or even 5 or 6 colors. The DigiDot multilevel dot modulation produces crisp details and smooth halftones with a perceived quality of 1200 dpi.

  • Print Speed (Single/Twin): 716 /1432
  • Network Ready
  • Standard Duplexing
  • Paper Width: 6.5"-21.25"
  • Max Paper Capacity: 8,000 sheets

Brand : Canon

Category : Production Printers