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Arizona 2340 GTF

Arizona 2340 GTF

The Arizona 2300 series consists of true flatbed printers based on UVcurable ink. Quick, reliable and low-maintenance, the latest Arizona printer provides the optimum in print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications. Enjoy a mind-blowing application range, instanton capability and self-learning technology that will help you further your expertise – and business.

  • Ink Configurations: CMYK 
  • Resolution: Variable droplet sizes from 6 to 30 picolitres.
  • Rigid Media Max Area: 125 x 250 cm / 49.2 x 98.4 inches 
  • Rigid Media Max Thickness: 50.8 mm / 2.0 inches
  • Rigid Media Print Area: Up to: 126 x 251 cm / 49.6 x 98.8 inches (for edge-to-edge printing)

Brand : Canon

Category : Wide Format Printers