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Arizona 6160 XTS

Arizona 6160 XTS

Océ Arizona 6100 Series printers are dedicated flatbed systems designed for versatile, higher volume production of high quality display graphics printing onto rigid substrates. This entirely new Océ Arizona Series printer platform has been designed for efficient, higher volume, rigid media print production.

Océ Arizona 6100 Series printers are quite simply a technology disruption: UV curable flatbed printers that deliver exceptional image quality and take display graphics productivity to the next level. Use them to add new services by printing photo-quality images on virtually any media imaginable. Take on work that was never before possible with lesser quality printing systems. Océ Arizona Series printers give you endless opportunities to increase your display graphics revenue.
  • Express print speed: 1,668 ft.2/hr. (155 m2/hr.)
  • Production print speed: 1,076 ft.2/hr. (100 m2/hr.)
  • Ink Channels: 6
  • Rigid media size: 98.4" x 120" (2.50 m x 3.05 m)
  • Rigid media thickness: 2" (50.8 mm)

Brand : Canon

Category : Wide Format Printers