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Canon imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Express

Canon imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Express

Canon's imageWARE Secure Audit Manager is a robust network device security solution that delivers detailed oversight of your company's document-related activities. Secure Audit Manager is the first solution to capture, archive, and audit the activities that occur on Canon devices. By constantly monitoring device-related activities, imageWARE Secure Audit Manager deters ill-intentioned workers from leaking important and valuable information. If leaks do occur, the system automatically logs and distributes actionable intelligence to the appropriate parties. imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Express will now be available only as a module within uniFLOW.

  • Complete Content Audit Trail
  • Notify a designated administrator(s) when a specific keyword is printed, scanned, faxed, or copied
  • Scheduling for Bandwidth Usage Management

Brand : Canon

Category : Software Solutions