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Canon Intelligent Grading Solution PRO

Canon Intelligent Grading Solution PRO

The Intelligent Grading Solution (IGS) is designed for the education market. There are two versions: IGS which is available through the MFP, IGS Pro, which is available through the MFP as well as a web portal, which can be accessed on PCs and Tablets. It's designed for simple and easy creation of customized test sheets on demand.

The Intelligent Grading Solution allows the educator to quickly create customized test answer sheets on plain paper instead of using expensive, preprinted forms or special paper. Test sheets can be created with individual student, instructor, and class information; for a specific class or course session; or, for the entire student roster or select students. Educators also have the abilit y to choose dif ferent types of answers for each test question, including multiple choice selections and subjective sections.

Brand : Canon

Category : Software Solutions